Embedding video with rich text

Hi Glide Community,

I used to be able to embed Streamable videos with their automatically generated embedding codes but for the last few days it has not worked and just show blank spaces.

Their embedding code, for example is like these div style tags: https://i.imgur.com/PS2drVJ.png

How it is showing in my app:

Are there any recent changes regarding this?

My app’s URL: https://7xxjc.glideapp.io/

I wrote about a similar problem.
When I consulted live chat, I didn’t hear about any fixes or policies, but Glide team says they didn’t recommend using html tags inside the app. :frowning:

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The Rich Text component is for rich text, not for videos or any custom code. From our documentation:

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Thanks David, I will try to use the original video component you guys offer then and restructure my sheet a bit. Have a nice week.

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Markdown or Rich Text? I know you changed the name of the component and possibly the back end but I tried pasting in some Rich Text in my app and it didn’t present will. I had a ton of nested numbering but still it showed fine in my Mac TextEdit program.