Instagram reel videos not working with embed component

Hi Gliders

I have paid for the starter package to use the embed component, this works for youtube videos but not for the instagram reels using their embed code.

Please help this is a fashion show app, sponsored by instagram and so would be amazing to play instagram videos.

What am I missing?

Is it just a single reel or you will be embedding a series of reels related to an account?

Hi ThinhDinh

A single reel per row.


Apologies, I haven’t got it to work as well. The best I can do is this, but it forces you to click to view on Instagram.


It works for me when I use this Jeff’s trick

Of course, your file (which Web component will use) must have the embed code generated by IG



Thanks for sharing! It does work for reels and not just normal posts, indeed.

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What isn’t working though is the YouTube Thumbnail column with YouTube short videos…

Thanks everyone, A bit of a hack but it works! Cheers.


It seems like this workaround is no longer working. Even following the steps mentioned I get the “View this post on Instagram” link.