Web embed and TikTok

Hi all,

I want to embed a tiktok video into my app through the web embed function by using the video link that one can copy from tiktok - it throws up errors unfortunately stating the connection was rejected.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with integrating tiktok into their apps or any suggestions?
Tiktok has a Link you Can use to embed but it appears to be a html link - Is there much I can do with that? I am equally curious as to embedding Instagram reels - which the share links also seem to be rejected when entered through web embed.

Any advice/suggestions please

Not all websites are compatible with being embedded. Sounds like Tiktok is one of them. I believe someone had a solution for Instagram Reels which might work for you. Curious if you put their embed html into a richtext if that works.

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I know zero about Tiktok except that it exists. But… if you examine the source of that HTML you might find a link that you can extract and use.

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I haven’t tested anything with TikTok so far but this trick created for Instagram reels might be used in your case:

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This might help:

I have used curator.io for importing Instagram which worked awesomely. Reach back to me if you need more info


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