Which video links are working?

Hello beautiful people!

I would like to insert Tik tok videos in a glide app.
Tik tok makes it very easy to share videos and gives you a link, but it doesn’t work.

But the video somehow doesn’t work.

Any idea for that?

Thank you!

Your video links need to end with .mp4 or another video file. Sadly, I don’t think tiktok has those types of video links.

What you could do:

Go to snaptik.app, download the video, upload it to Google Drive or dropbox or something like that, make the link public, and insert that link. I’m not sure if there’s an easier way of doing this.

Hope this helps!

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Oh, ok, that explains it! Good idea, will check it out. Or maybe post it somewhere on Facebook and link from there…

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We had the same discussion a while ago with Instagram videos (and TikTok as well). They have an underlying link for videos that does work when I check using inspect element, but not sure if we can write an IMPORTXML to catch that.


Good point! I will investigate that. I also noticed that videos from google photos are not playing. But maybe they block embeds, not sure…

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