Integration TikTok / IGTV video

The video component isn’t loading video’s from TikTok or IGTV. Since these are the fast growing platforms, with vertical video’s it would be great if the video component could deal with this

A rich snippet load would even be a great extra option.


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Those platforms require you to dig deeper to find the video link.

For example with Tiktok, I tried this and it didn’t work:

But using “Inspect”, this worked:


I was looking for this.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I’am aware of the workaround.
But this is not the solution because its not user friendly and on a desktop!

Copy and paste the shared URL from app to app should do the trick, without scaling down for the video.


You mean have more sizes for videos like images, right?


best would be horizontal, 16:9 / 4:5 and vertical 9:16!
Based upon the URL the format could be forced. to horizontal or vertical. when using the glide form…