Videos from Instagram not showing up

Hi folks!

I have been linking videos from YouTube in my app, Life School. They have been working well.

However, I am pivoting towards more Instagram content. I’m producing the videos with Final Cut Pro, exporting them, airdropping them and uploading to IG.

The IG link is not loading into Glide though… Should I host these somewhere else? They are square so not sure they work well on YouTube…

Image attached of the blank video.Life_School_Beta_·Glide·_Create_Apps_from_Google_Sheets-3|325x500

Instagram videos cannot be embedded, on any website or app.

Yeah that makes sense. Any suggestions for how I should host this?

Dig deep enough to find the mp4 link for the video, then you can host it.

Step 1: Open the Instagram video link on a browser.
Step 2: Access the page source.
Step 3: Copy the link from the og:video tag. Make sure you copy the whole link, when I tried to copy just to the .mp4 part, it doesn’t play.




Hi, how on earth would i find the whole og:videotag link? How long does it take?

It seems like they deprecated that og:video tag so it doesn’t work like my previous comment anymore.

I tried to do it using this trick.[video ID]/?__a=1

Where video ID is the ID from the Instagram video, for example with this link:

The ID is CdJ9zCCA5Tk.

The first link will give you a JSON response with the video links inside it.

However when I tried copying those links to the video component, it doesn’t work. Accessing that link directly in the browser means a direct download of the video file, which worked when I play it locally.

So I guess the steps must be using Make/Integromat to:

  • Retrieve the video ID when you add a new Instagram video link to your app. Construct the Instagram JSON link.

  • Making a call to the Instagram JSON link.

  • Retrieve the video link from the JSON response.

  • Using a HTTP call in Make to download the file from the URL.

  • Upload the file somewhere publicly accessible.

  • Update the new file link back to your app.


You said this only takes like one minute. So is it possible I pay you to do this for me? Or pay you to show me via zoom?

Nice App! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m not sure where I said it would take 1 minute but as I explained in my comment 12 days ago, it isn’t easy anymore. Would take time to create the flow in Make/Integromat and I would advise you to follow my steps first to try before paying anyone to do that.