Images as Instagram URL

Can Instagram links be used as an image?

If its publically available then yes you can. You can insert any image url which is can be accessed without any restriction i suppose.

Its not showing up :frowning:

Is the profile you’re copying the link from set to public?

Actually, I’m not sure that Instagram links can be used as images… they’re links to the posts, not to the images. There is likely a way to get a url to the image itself though.

The url should be ending with .png/.jpg in most cases. Can you share a sample instagram url which you want to see as image or a video showcasing it? This will give us an idea.

Looks like the jpg link can only be found by looking at the website’s source code per image. If you view the image in a desktop browser you can inspect the page and find the “src” to get a direct link to the image itself.

Otherwise, use a webview component to display full posts more easily.

Its a standard Instagram Link…what ever you see in the url box at the top when you click on the image

I was thinking webview might work as well! I added that and got the error: may not allow itself to be embedded.

That’s definitely possible! If you just want to add a few static images, I’d just download them and add them as regular images. I don’t think linking from the app itself is going to be simple.

You need to have a ImportXML here to get the image link I’m afraid.

Yes, I was thinking that too, but there are alot of images. That would be more time consuming. Thanks!

Oh! What’s that?

Just realized there’s an easier way. Apply “media/?size=l” to the URL and it will get you there.

For example:

The image:


Well done!!

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WOW!! Thanks so much!

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