Verification code doesn't always send to customers

We ran a small (20 person) beta test for our B2C app. In that test, we discovered that only some of the people who entered their emails into the app login screen received a verification code link . For the folks who did receive a code, some of them received it 30min–2hours after requesting it. Without a verification code it was impossible for the users to see the content in our app. I can confirm that all of these email addresses were in the user table before the user clicked the link to view the app.

Is this a known issue or bug? Please see below for a few questions:

  1. Is there something we can do to ensure folks always get a verification code
  2. Is there a way to manually send them a code if the automated system doesn’t send them one?
  3. Is there a way to ensure the time to receive a code after entering an email address is consistently under 1 minute?

Thank you in advance!

There’s some problem under the hood, might be related to their email domains if it behaves that way. I would suggest contacting support.


Same point as the 1st one.

You can also try inviting users using a Magic Link: Glide Docs • Sharing


Hi @kyleheney, thanks for your response! Are Magic Links only for team members or can I invite people as users with a Magic link as well? I ask because all of the resources I’ve found make it look like I can only invite team members.

Is there a way to automate the magic links with make or zappier?
I would like the users to fill in their email and get the link.

@MeganFontaine21 Magic links are included with the pin email (if enabled) when a user enters their email to sign in.

You can also share a magic link with anybody via the share function in the builder.


@Lin_Altshuler I don’t believe there is a way to automate a magic like externally. It’s a generated token specifically tied to that user’s email at the time you send the invite or they attempt to sign into your app. If you have the setting enabled and they enter an email to sign in, they will receive the normal pin email, which includes a magic link in that same email. So, it’s not really necessary to automate anything if they are already visiting your app to sign in.


@Jeff_Hager appreciate your response!

For clarification, are you saying that when someone puts their email in they should receive a pin and a magic link if this feature is enabled? If not, can you please clarify?

And if so, this is not a solution to the problem we’re having. We’re wondering what we can do for the folks who aren’t getting the pin email in the first place – if they don’t receive the pin email, they also won’t receive the magic link since (I think) you’re saying they come in the same email.

Do you know what email provider are they using? It could be flagged as spam.

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Yes, this is an added feature to include the magic link with the normal pin email.

Correct, it’s the same email. Have you tried sending an invite link? Since I assume an invite link is coming from the same source email, you might have the same issue with those particular users.

As @kingzy is pointing out, this may be an issue with the email provider or a spam filter in front of the email. The first step is to look for a pattern, such as only users from X domain having the issue.

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