Send user invite automatically

I’ve built a guidebook for guests at our vacation rentals. It’s API connected to our property management software and pulls in guest data when we get a new booking. I’d like to automatically send new guests their personal invite link. I can automate a message with the general link to the site but would be great if they could bypass the login steps. Is there any way to make that happen? . . . Zapier??

What are the privacy settings on your App?

If you have sign in required, then there is no way to bypass that for first time users. Once they’ve signed in the first time, they should have the authentication cookie, so subsequent visits wouldn’t require sign in again.

I have it set to “Public” and “Required sign-in”. What I’d like is to be able to do is send the ‘Magic Link.’ that they get when I click the “Send invite” button on the Share screen.

Hi Bryan,

You mean a from a specific place from app, eg. User profile screen or Product screen - or - the app’s link?

The app’s link

As I see it (please correct me if I’m wrong), the email’s “Open App” button does “automate” the filling of the email for the user, but you will still have to validate that you actually own the email to be able to log in.

I imagine most of the time the user would already have access to the email to see that link and click on it, so I understand where you come from, but I don’t know if that link expires, and if some bad people would get hold of that URL, having the ability to automatically sign in would be dangerous.

As far as I know, the magic link is specific to a user email, and can only come from a user initiated sign in or from the Send Invite initiated by you. I don’t think there is any way to automate it.