Resending Invites

Is there a way to resending invites to an private app?
We had problems with a mail server that didn’t recognized so all of our invites went to spam mail on the mail server. Now that the problem is fixed on the mail server I want to send new invites but everybody is checked as already invited under Share, even if I delete the user and type it in again they still is checked as already invited so I can’t send a new invite.
Any thought on how to go around this?

I haven’t used this feature much, but would it help if you clear the cache of the browser/try another browser?

No it doesn’t make any difference.
I presume there is an end date on sent invites but can’t find any documentation on this.

Does anybody at @glide now how to do this, there is no support to contact?
Very frustrating that days are passing with no answers from Glide.

Can’t you just send them the link to the App and ask them to sign in? :man_shrugging:

Well I could if they had a support page working, but it seems like they think an AI support who only give you the wrong answers and wrong links to pages that doesn’t exists is the way to go.

No, I meant your users. Couldn’t you just email them your App link?

Yes I can do that but I want the magic link so they don’t need to fill out their email and wait for the Pincode, these are low-tech people and I want to get pass that process with the original invite that contains the magic link.

Okay, I see.

I’m not aware of any way to reset it, but there probably should be.
I saw your separate bug report topic, I’ll bring it to the attention of Glide Support.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy

Hi All,
I’m having a similar issue. I cannot resend the invite to a person with a Gmail account and have now tried on 2 separate phones.

She is not receiving the emails (Gmail) account and when I key in her email in both her Apple phone and my Android Galaxy phone it is stating she is not registered in the app. I’ve deleted her name and phone # again without success. She simply cannot login to either app I’ve been working on for her.

Yet, I can login on both my own email and a different GMail account.

Any ideas please would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

A temporary solution could be have her login with one of your working emails and text her your pin.

Hi Eric,
Many thanks for your response. With both apps when I set the privacy to public and whalla she was able to sign in.

However for private as she is the main person these 2 apps are for the system would not accpet her email address - and I still can’t resend the “send invite” because it states that the invite has been sent and will not allow for the email to be re-sent.

This to me is a bit of a worry that one cannot resend an invite. What happens if one accidently deletes the email??? Also it is simply not practical for me to request she login under my email as she will need to access the app when in Qld whereas I live in NSW.

I even tried from the app URL and was unable to sign in with her email as the system kept stating she was not recognised as a user for the system even though I changed the Admin to her email address.

I also note that my old email address is still showing as active in her account even though I changed the email address to her email address as the Administrator:

Please note: I double checked the Users Profile section and this email address is definitely not contained within it. And, by the way, I can still log in under this email address!!!

Any ideas and suggestions greatly welcomed.

Many thanks.

PS: the system is still recognising for billing purposes that there are 3 users, when in fact there are only 2!!! (My friend whom this app is for and I as the team member so I can work on the app and she can then delete me when she is ready to do so!!!)

Are you wanting her to sign in normally or be a team member who can work on the app in the builder?

…If normal sign-in add her email to the users profile table in your app.

Unique users who sign-in to the app will be counted. That number (as well as updates) resets monthly/ new billing cycle.

Hi Eric,
Many thanks. She needs to sign in normally.

The only way I can do this at present is select public in the privacy settings and she is able to sign in. However when set to private she is unable to do so even though I have set her name and email address as the Admin.

So what I’ve done is to ensure that if anyone gets hold of the URL they will be unable to see her details. (I’ve done this with both apps and have tested with a different email address - still testing; also made sure that in both apps that information pertaining to the person is only visible for email of the signed in user.

Thanks for the info re the resetting of the billing cycle.

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She needs to be in the Users Profile table in order to login to the app… not an admin of the Glide account.

What happens when you add her email to the users profile table and then ask her to login?

Hi Eric,
Yes, she has been added to the users table. Deleted and Readded several times. However she does not receive the emails. And the systems states she is not registered as a user - even though she is in the profile section - with Administrator as the role.

The only way she can login in and receive the emails is if I set the privacy to public. When the setting is set to private she is unable to login. (I tried for 3 hours to get it to work in the private setting without success.)

Then I had the thought to try the public setting rather than private and on both apps she has been able to login. (I’m currently staying at her place whilst she goes to Qld tomorrow, well today Aussie time - so I tried on both our phones to login in with her email address and no go on the private setting. Able to login in on the public setting)

However because she will be the only user for both these apps - she’s asked me to deal with the backend stuff for her - and I as a team member it is not as if the limit has been reached. I did notice if I set her in the profile as both admin and user, then with me as a team member, the system sent notification that her limit has been reached (to the old administration email address).

System seems to count the same email twice if she is set up as a user and an administratior.

And there was no way to resend the email in the settings as Glide appears not to allow this which quite frankly is a pain in the neck.

I even tried to set her up as a team member and still no joy and no email received. (And as I have a gmail account also I could receive the emails to my gmail account but the app system would not send to her gmail account - so it’s not a gmail server type issue.)

By the way she has been receiving emails all night in her gmail account - from other people. Simply not receiving the emails from the Glide app.

So for the time being until I can sort this issue I have set both apps to public for her in order that she can log in. Yes, she can receive the email for the pin code on public setting however not for the private setting.

Many thanks

The above two paragraphs tell me that something is wrong with either:

  • your User Profiles configuration,
  • your User Profiles table, or
  • your Privacy Settings

Impossible to tell which, but if I was to hazard a guess I’d suspect it might be the Privacy Settings.
When you switch from Public to Private, you need to then specify which users are allowed to sign in. There are several options for this, as is shown below:

Which one of the above did you choose?

The one you probably should be selecting is the first one. If you select that one, and your User Profiles are correctly configured, and your friend has been correctly added to your User Profiles table - then she should have no problems signing in to your App.

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Hi Darren,
Many thanks. What I have found is that when set to private and the all emails in table (Users with emails in table can sign in) - it doesn’t work and states she is not registered as a user. However, when I set it to the one you have recommended (just prior to reading your comment) - for both apps the app recognises her email address and gives the message that an email has been sent (I can’t check with her at present as she is in noddy land however, this is a very welcome sign that the app is working).

Which kind of leaves me wondering why have a separate selection all emails in table can sign in when this doesn’t work and is not a setting for the public setting.

Many thanks to both you and Eric re all your support - very greatly appreciated. Yes, the table was set correctly as it was a default template and as you know - my experience with re-setting up a users profile was definitely not worth repeating however your support on that issue was definitely appreciated.)

Once again many, many thanks.

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It does work, but it needs to be setup correctly.
Essentially you need a separate table somewhere that just contains (as a minimum) a list of email addresses, representing those users that are allowed to sign in to your App. There are a few scenarios where it makes sense to use this configuration. Most commonly I will use it when I need the ability to remove Users access to an App, but keep all of their User data intact.

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