Resending Invites

Is there a way to resending invites to an private app?
We had problems with a mail server that didn’t recognized so all of our invites went to spam mail on the mail server. Now that the problem is fixed on the mail server I want to send new invites but everybody is checked as already invited under Share, even if I delete the user and type it in again they still is checked as already invited so I can’t send a new invite.
Any thought on how to go around this?

I haven’t used this feature much, but would it help if you clear the cache of the browser/try another browser?

No it doesn’t make any difference.
I presume there is an end date on sent invites but can’t find any documentation on this.

Does anybody at @glide now how to do this, there is no support to contact?
Very frustrating that days are passing with no answers from Glide.

Can’t you just send them the link to the App and ask them to sign in? :man_shrugging:

Well I could if they had a support page working, but it seems like they think an AI support who only give you the wrong answers and wrong links to pages that doesn’t exists is the way to go.

No, I meant your users. Couldn’t you just email them your App link?

Yes I can do that but I want the magic link so they don’t need to fill out their email and wait for the Pincode, these are low-tech people and I want to get pass that process with the original invite that contains the magic link.

Okay, I see.

I’m not aware of any way to reset it, but there probably should be.
I saw your separate bug report topic, I’ll bring it to the attention of Glide Support.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy