Undo private invite

Hi, I’ve sent the wrong link and used private invites. Even though I’ve removed the link & deleted the names from the app id user table its still saying I’m over my app limit.
How do i undo this?

Whether or not your users are private depends on your Privacy Settings. It has nothing to do with the App link. If you’ve deleted users, you might also need to clear their data. You can do that via Settings->Data->Delete User Data.

If you’re not sure if your users will be counted as Private or Public, you can refer to the below (or show us a screen shot of your privacy settings).

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That chart is really helpful thanks!
Any idea how I undo private users and make them public users once they’ve clicked a private link?

Well, as I said, it all depends on your Privacy Settings. There is no such thing as a private or public link. Your user counts reset at the end of each billing period. So as long as your privacy settings are such now that all users will be public, then any private user counts that you have will reset to zero at the end of your current billing cycle.

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