How do I switch from Private to Public users?

We are organizing a big international competition on Saturday where progessional skiers will judge their peer with a Glide app. I made the mistake to keep the app private before users could log in, and now I have reached the limit of private users.

I don’t need the users to be private, but somehow even after changing the app to public, (and even after deleting the private users), users can’t log in.

How can I make the app public and allow users to log in?

Thank you!!

and how can I convert a private user to a public user?

Change your Privacy Settings to allow anyone to sign in to your App.

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thanks - that’s what I did but somehow it doesn’t work. I think that’s because users are assigned a role by default. When removing this, it works. Good thing I don’t need the role.

BTW how can I discard private users? Are they automatically reused upon newer logins? Deleting the users don’t discard them from the list of private users.

We count the users who actually used your app–you can’t undo this without a time machine.

It resets every month.

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