Why the private users in usage of my apps are still maxed out?

Hello, tried looking for support everywhere in glide 'coz I can’t find the answer to my question on their FAQs.

Anyone here know how to remove private users permanently?

I tried deleting the row & details in User data however in the Usage part of my team it’s still showing that Private Users is already at Maximum.

Is there a way for us to remove some so that others can access the app as a new private user?

Try removing all their data under Settings → Data → Delete User Data

I think that has worked in the past for others.
Although, you may still have to wait for the user counts to reset at the end of your billing period.

I tried it, however new users still can’t login. it’s giving them an error message like this:

“app has reached the maximum private users”

Should I just wait for the next billing period before some new private users can login on the app?

“Edited: I tried it again and made a new private user and surprisingly it works. Thank you for the solution!”

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