3 private users counted on free plan, but I don't have any private users

I received a mail informing me that i should upgrade my free plan, as I have 3 private users on 3.
I just built an app for my family, to discover Glide and to train me, I don’t need to have private users at the moment.

I verified these points :

  • I don’t have role on users
  • authentication is pin-email
  • in privacy, Access is public, and Users is Anyone

As I read, I should have only public users.

At the beginning of month, when I started :

  • I created the app from a template (with some lines in admins table)
  • I tested Access private, then Access public with Users in users table.

Could these 1st actions cause my problem ?
How I could remove these private users ?

Yes, most likely.

As long as you don’t change your privacy settings, they should disappear when your usage resets at the end of your current billing period.

None of your current users should be affected, again as long as you don’t change your privacy settings.

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Ok, thanks a lot.
So I will wait for the reset