Magic Link to Login to Private Pro App

Does anyone know if it’s possible to email a “Magic Link” to users so that they can bypass the pin validation to login to a Private Pro app?

Not possible

Thanks for the quick response. This would be really great if it could happen in the future!

I am looking for a way to make it easy for a person to login without a passcode. I have users’ email addresses, and phone numbers and would like to be able to text them an authentication link into our app. or even deep link!

A magic link that could be texted for a private pro app would be great!

use the deep link to a current screen

You can send a magic links pretty easily to email addresses. Sending to phone numbers would be harder, unless you know each users cell provider and how to structure emails to go directly to text.

We have a private/pro account?

I have the phone numbers of users, how would you generate a link to login in without having to do the get the code in email thing?

Is there a way to generate a link that is pre-authorized?

Each cell provider has a way to formulate an email address by combining the phone number and a domain.

Like this:

The trick is you would have to know the cell provider for each of your users. Sending to that special email address goes directly to their SMS.

Then you can share with those users using this method below. It will provide them with a magic link so they can avoid the pin process. Magic Links are pre-authorization one time use links tied to a specific email.

Keep in mind that this will authorize the app with that special SMS email, so that’s the email that will be stored in their user profile.

I should also mention that Magic Links are shared in the pin email as well, if you have it enabled. Normally you can just click on the link instead of entering the pin.