Can User Login to My Glide app using Phone number ? Instead of email?

Hi Friends,

Can the User Login to the My Glide app use a Phone number? Instead of email?
or Any alternative way?

Because I am trying to build a simple but very useful app for ***Common people of India / Non-Techinial Person *** max of them don’t have email id!

Any Suggestion?



Hi Sudipta, unfortunately this is not available as of now. Only email authentication via PIN or Google can be used.

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Thank you For Your Reply :pray:

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Will this be developed soon? I have faced the same problem like Mr. Sudipta. Actually, using user’s phone number is extremely useful in term of OTP function and especially for business purposes.

You can vote here for that.


This request by Sudipta is very relevant, i hope the Glide team takes notice, everybody who has a phone has a phone number, not the same for email.

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Good point. It would be nice if both options were available.

On another note though, most people only have one phone number and one usually prefers keeping that number private. This might be a little less the case for email. At least in my circles, most people I know have multiple email addresses (personal, pro, junk) and some might use features such as “Hide my Email” to generated single-use disposable email addresses. We’re not quite there yet with phone numbers.

But yes, sign-in with phone number would be nice.

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Yeah, exactly the same case for me. I use Mailpoof to test many apps shared in this forum.

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Please make login by phone number! Or a link, that can authenticate…

You could add your vote here