SMS for Verification

Would be great to have the option to do the verification via SMS instead of email.
I know SMS should be more costly, but maybe this could be a pro feature.

Thank you!


Don’t know why this request isn’t getting more attention. Would love for login to work the way some apps do these days where you receive text pin and that pin number shows up on your keyboard for one click pin insertion. Maybe that’s a native app only ability I don’t know. Either way a sms option would be fantastic. Maybe allowing this through Zapier integration so we can choose our own sms provider or just default to Twilio whatever. This could be a stepping stone to, dare I say, 2FA! I have no doubts there’s complexity and security issues here but this feature (along with 2FA) is a big +1 for me.


+1 for this feature. A definite must have. I also agree that it could be a pro feature or integration via Twilio.

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