Send Sign In Pin Via Text Message


I was thinking of sending the sign in pin via text message rather than email, or maybe give a user an option of the two. Since they are already on their phone it will be easier to access and I’ve also seen some apps automatically grab those numbers and sign the person in.


I would love that feature

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Agree, this is the way we usually have here in Vietnam for native apps.


I would assume this might create a GDPR issue in other countries, since it’s required that you ask them permission to store/use their number even for something this simple.

But, everyone gets text messages, not everyone gets emails, therefore, great suggestion. :+1:

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If I recall correctly, I think there was mentioned in the Community Meetup last week, that there was mention of a cost associated with sending text messages. I don’t know if that would only pertain to using them for notifications, or if that would include use for sign in purposes.


Oh wasn’t even thinking of that! Using sms for “push notifications” as it seems having it done via the app will be more difficult ATM.

I’ve been seeing apps use text message as the main source of communication. Folks can opt in and out as well. But I see spamming can become an issue.

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