SMS for Verification

+1 lots of people asking about it

Perhaps their change to allow even free apps to store the real email address was needed as a precursor to storing phone numbers as the main user ID?

I think that was unintentional and a little dangerous to allow anyone to use a free app to scrape email addresses for nefarious purposes.

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:face_with_monocle: That’s a shame. With a free app they’d be limited to fewer than 500 email addresses. I mean if the app does anything at all half the rows are gonna be used by real data.

But I see your point.

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Please do this feature. It is so important in third world countries. I am experiencing the same problem as anyone in a third world country would. People use phone numbers not emails.


Please, Please, Pretty Please with Sugar on Top.
A login via phone number with text message ping code.
People have been asking for this for two years…


The most voted feature, still nothing ?

+1 on the vote

However there is a dirty workaround, setup an email2text service, so when it receives an email it automatically sends out an SMS.

There are services available and also it is not too difficult to write one.

This is an expensive feature. Would you pay $0.50 per SMS?


Seems as a very expensive service provider.

0.259 DKK/sms and monthly fee 195 DKK

Could be a direct cost and not included in any plan

1 DKK = 0.14 USD

This will be a very useful feature to have. Please enable this

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Yes !

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+1 vote for sms and connect own sms engine.

What about whatsapp verification?

I had another client ask me for this just yesterday. It’s needed, but I hear it’s really expensive.

For those that need it, perhaps Glide could allow us to point to our own Twillio account.

Hey, I’m not the technical guy that would know how to do it; I’m the idea guy.

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This would be big; as well as Facebook and LinkedIn

Hi David

Sms is important but I don’t need it.

Please don’t add to the plan anytime in the future.

+1 This feature makes a ton of sense.

For those building mobile-first applications it’s a 100% certainty the user has a mobile number. Would definitely make the user experience more streamlined vs needing to rely on them having a 3rd-party email account and a 3rd-party app with access on their mobile.

It could also improve security – If only carrier numbers are allowed (vs VoIP) then you lock your app to a real device. (I know you can dual sim but it’s still a carrier number on a physical device that uses built-in hardware/software not a 3rd-party app) If you’re not building a mobile-first app or just want to allow email access, then the SMS could serve as 2FA for more sensitive apps.

+1 on the integrations route too. That allows the developer the ability to use a service (Twilo, Sinch, etc) that suits their needs and budget for their location and doesn’t lock them into a potentially unworkable solution.


Why is this not available yet?