Deeplink from email into Glide app

Hey guys,

I would like to send to a deeplink via email to signuped users of the app in order to open the app with a specific view. How does this work?

Thanks in advance

Is your app on the “Pro” plan or “Personal” free plan?

it´s Pro private plan

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Okay! Do you have an onboarding for new users or do they just sign in and access app?

I’m unsure of specifics here, but here’s how to accomplish an automated email w/ link to screen:

  1. When users are on the screen that you’d like to email a link to, you’ll need to ”Create a new action” (either using a button, action text, inline list, etc.).
  2. Set column values: use a column from the user profile and set it’s value to “Link to this screen”.
  3. Send email: Using the “User Profile”, select the recipient, body, etc. You’d want to use that DeepLink/ “Link to screen” column from previous step as the body.

Personally, I’d make a template column in the User Profile that included a blurb of some kind and then add the link as the very last part of the template (Deep links are super long URLs).

Note: when testing this, be sure to test it while using the app, not when you have the app just open in the builder— the deep link likely won’t be accurate.


@MegannLock Thanks for this introduction

Before starting the implementation one more question: Will signed up users be able to skip the signup screen (after ticking the stay logged in box) with the link?

If you mean the email verification (by PIN or Google sign in), then yes! Users will remain logged in until they clear their browsing data or their phone has a major OS update.
A quick note: if emailing a deep link is to avoid having users log in each time, you can simply change the Cookies setting to “Always set user authentication cookie”. See screenshot!

Hey @MegannLock, could you elaborate No 3?

I´m able to save the link in the user table. When coping this link to the button in the email, browser loads a general signup screen and not the app. See screenshot:

make app a public, no sign… go to privacy settings… and this screen will disappear


Like @MegannLock mentioned, make sure you are creating the url link using the actual app that you opened with the published url. If the url is created while you are testing it in the builder, then it will be using the url for the builder. That’s why you are getting that sign in screen. It’s trying to log into the builder. Not the app.

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Now I got it. Thanks for emphasizing this again.

This is my setup:

  1. Store value in user table via button action
  2. Publish button
  3. Open app and create link in user table
  4. Check value in user table. This is what I got:

This is still not the deeplink, right? What could be the problem?

Does the table with the row, that you are trying to link to, contain a RowID column?

Hey @Jeff_Hager. Not yet. But why do I need the RowID? I want to fetch the link to the dashboard in order to send it out to a bunch of users via email…

Because RowID is part of the information that’s encoded into the deep link url, along with the tab you are viewing and some other information. All of that info helps glide navigate to the correct tab, screen, and row when a user clicks on the link. If you don’t have a RowID, then glide can’t build the full url and can’t reliably direct the user to the correct row of information.