Sending a deeplink to created row screen after form submission

Hi there!

I want to send an email (Using the send email action) and I want to include the deeplink to the new row that was created in a specific screen.

Is there a way to do so? and if there is no built-in way, is it possible to find some hacky way to include this in the email body? Let’s say I have row ids for the newly generated row, and then I can use a template column to generate the email message and replace the row ID somehow within a deeplink I manually create and structure?

Any ideas are welcome!

The hacky way.

You’ll have to first setup a button to add the Deep Link to a Specific Row and click this button within your public App (not the Glide Editor). This will store the deep link for that specific item you want to share.

You can then include this column when sending your email or creating your template.

FYI - deep links can possibly change based on what you change in your app.

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Good idea! Can this work in Glide app? or only in Pages?

Should work for both.
@Robert_Petitto has a YouTube video on this topic.

Hi hi Thanks for your reply.

Watched that. BUt it was for Glide Pages.

I don’t know if the transition to Pages in the future would mean the construction of links in legacy Apps would become the same as Pages, but if it’s the case, you would theoretically need only the rowID of the newly created screen to construct a full deep link.