Item Link URL to send via email

Hi all Glide expert.
I want to have URL link on email notification. For example, when new item is created then a email will send out with the link, then by clicking on that link when check mailbox, it can open that new item on GlideAPP. please advice.

Background: I have created custom action successfully already for sending email whenever staff-user new item to his manager. But his manager want to have link to that item inside the body of email notification, that he can click on that link and auto open GlideAPP with that related item, instead of opening APP then searching for that item created by staff.
Currently, I use “Link to current screen” to write to database and use that link to send email. However, when clicking on that link, it doest not show that item, it show the blank screen for creating new item. Please help to advice the correct method that I can get the url.

Thank you so much

Hi @OES_RnD :wave: Be sure that you’ve got a RowID in that table the screen is sourced on & that you’re testing out the deep link action in a published version of the app, not the builder. See this thread for more explanation!


Thank you MegannLock, Your solution has been applied successfully in my case.

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