Using markdown pictures from google drive are not showing

My app’s URL:
I have created 3 new fileds of reach text.
2 have link to image in the web, and the image is showing
the 3rd is linked to google drive and the image not showing.

Have you checked in your gdrive if the image file is shareable to public?

sure, i’m using the same file in another plce in my application.

Can you share the image link and the text you are using in your rich text component? Also, is there any reason you aren’t using an image component to display an image?

Hi Jeff ,thank you for your reply.
I have 3 links to pictures that 2 will render the picture

the 3rd on where the picture is stored on GD, will not render the picture


i’m trying to create a markdown table with clikable images , and the image component dont provide the correct layout.

Seems like a valid image, although it’s really small. I was able to add it in an image component, but for whatever reason it’s not working for me either in rich text. I have no idea what could be wrong. Everything you have looks fine. Maybe recopy it to drive and get a new share link. I google drive has been a problem lately with using it for storing images.

Edit: the forum seems to have played havoc with my code and changed the URLs to “upload” URLs. That’s not what I wrote originally… it even changed the URLs in my code brackets…

Yep. Rich text fields aren’t displaying the Google image share URLs properly. I’ve been trying to get it to work in Markdown and in HTML, and even tried the alternate “export” style link, but they all break:

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