Markdown syntax for images?

What is the appropriate syntax for adding images in markdown?

I currently have it as ![description](image url) where the description is the image description and image url points to a google drive link with the appropriate sharing settings. HTML image links work however Markdown points to an empty frame.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 4.13.03 PM

Have you put the code into column with a Rich Text component? If it doesn’t work try to upload your image into hosting service and get the link, maybe google drive link doesn’t work.


May you show us the image URL from Google Drive to take at look at?


Yes it’s in a rich text - the rest of the markdown works perfectly. The image as well is sharing fine, it works great with the image component. It’s just markdown interpreting the image that seems to be an issue.

If your link is with http markdown doesn’t work. You must use https protocol

If you put your link in an Image component, is it showed perfectly?


This should work. @justinjmp

Ah didn’t know that! My image is HTTPS but it’s a good tidbit to keep in mind :slight_smile: .

Yes indeed which is why it’s strange.

Yes it does! Must be something with the link then … will play around further but good to know that the syntax works.

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![test]([YOUR IMAGE ID])

Great! Copy your image id and paste it on link above

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