Possible to use images in RichText component

The glide documentation tells:

The Rich Text component displays text and images formatted with Markdown syntax

I cannot get images to work with markup language - any ideas or example?

Will those images display in a markdown test bed like dillinger.io?

Yes it does show in Dillinger but not in glide. I can’t get images to show in rich text in glide. Therefore the question whether somebody has got it working

@Krivo, I’m just starting to learn about markdown so this might have nothing to do with what you’re talking about, but here it goes: https://www.loom.com/share/9a836aaee88344efb0e07c2a811240d0

Hi Filipa @filipa
Would you share the exact info you put in the cell for me to tryout

I try this:


But this is not working


I have exactly the same. Your image link isn’t working for me either. I have no idea why…

You can use the html img tag to include an image:
<img src="https:/link.to.your.image/image.png" height="18"/>

The height attribute isn’t necessary of course, but shows that you can change the size of the image.
I’m currently using this to get some (inline) icons and change their dimensions.

could it be because it’s jpg?

Will you @filipa share your link? To narrow down the problem

It’s your link, I don’t know why, I’ve tried with other links and it works. Exactly the same thing happens with @wernerkuper’s suggestion (which is cool, but not recommended by glide - how do we adjust the image’s size in markdown, by the way??), your link doesn’t work…

Would it be possible for you to supply me with a link that works for you? I haven’t been able to create a correct one


here: https://dl.airtable.com/.attachments/c18fc929bf729cde80cc570f7bfd8076/1f311e90/logo_Homescreen2.png

The link with the html img tag is working for me. And I know it is not recommended, but there is no (standardized) way to change the image size in Markdown.

I’ve just tested the Markdown approach to show an image and it does work on my side.
@Krivo However, if I try it with the link to the jpg picture you provided, I don’t see the image… but after changing the http:// to https:// it does show. That might explain why the image (link) you provided does not work, but the one from @filipa does.

So please test again with
That one works for me.

So it looks like it has nothing to do with the Markdown code, or having a jpg or png image, but rather with the link being http:// (not working!) or https:// (working!).

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@filipa @wernerkuper
Thanks both of you for hanging on to my problem :pray:
The solution was http:// (not working!) or https:// (working!).

I wont be using the html style as Glide discourages that.

@JackVaughan Could be an idea to update the documentation telling that http is not working.


Yes, http links are considered unsecure by your phone and blocked.

Done :+1:t4:

can you tell me how you are resizing the image to be an inline icon? I’m trying to do the same. I cant seem to resize my images. Thanks for your insight.

Can you show us your desired final result?