Tap-to-enlarge lightbox for images within Rich Text component

It would be helpful for images embedded in a Rich Text component to be full-screen with a tap, allowing the user to see the image in greater detail (and perhaps even pinch to zoom).

Use case: Images can only be so wide on a phone, would be convenient for users to tap/pinch-to-zoom to see more details!


I assume you’re using HTML to show images in a rich text?

No, you can do it natively in markdown using ![](*link goes here*)

Here’s an example of a puppy!

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Not sure if what you propose is possible technically for Markdown, but my workaround for this is use HTML to set a width to the image so it won’t overflow the screen.

This is a feature request for the Glide team to implement natively, not a Markdown hack :slight_smile:


I was not sure if it’s possible with Markdown, so just tried to provide you a way around until Glide can do it.

Alternatively, you can try this approach.


When user clicks the image, they will be directed to the image link.

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Ah. This is a good idea for the short term!