How to include images horizontaly

Hi all,
Need your experts insights.
Is there a way to put 2 or 3 (small) images next to each other in 1 row.
For example, let’s say I want to put icons of mail, WhatsApp and call that each of them will be clickable to the relevant action.

Thanks for any advice!

This is kind of a bad example, but this should work if you put this in a column that is viewed with a rich text component. You would need to find much smaller icon images, but it should work.

[![](]( [![](](tel:123-555-5555/) [![](](


Wonderful example. Sounds like this should be listed under Spreadsheet Magic.

Done :slight_smile:

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Awesome Trick @Jeff_Hager! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
I have a similar requirement which I had kept on Hold. Will try and use this logic to get it done dynamically by Concatenating.

It will be great if we can have a TIPS and TRICKS section for a consolidated view of these kind of solutions? :blush:

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hi @Jeff_Hager

what am I suppose to see here? i guess I’m miissing something but i don’t understand your answer.

this is what I see in your reply:

Put the code it into your spreadsheet exactly like I have it. Then view the column with a Rich Text component. It is markdown language.

ok, did that and:

  1. WOWWW - I must learn how you did that.
  2. I see all of them 1 after the other vertically and not horizontally. if i use smaller icons they will be next to each other?

Glad you got it. I believe smaller images would show horizontally. I think the images that glide uses for the phone/email/text components are 18px X 18px. I couldn’t quickly find small enough images for the demo.
There’s a lot of resources on the web to learn how to use markdown language. I’m still getting familiar with it, but I just did a search for markdown image links. Then I found some random images. You have to remember that links like emails and phone numbers need the “mailto:” and “tel:” part included. From previous discussions, I remembers that people used the WhatsApp short link to get that to work.

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You are absolutely awesome. Trully appreciate the insights and help.

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You guys are awesome!

I think you should create a markup table (and use richtext in glide builder) to make the icons show up horizontally. Pls find some smaller icons :slight_smile:

|[![](upload://hxwNW4FyZIFZNRmi75HfZhGo9Yp.png)](| [![](upload://jDCy1F4vzzc6pEP1Dkp7jrh4buV.png)](tel:123-555-5555/) |[![](upload://cHUneJ6wcrKSMctBQZBOde2F9SH.png)](|

Can you guys share some basic explanation on what is markdown language and markup table?
Maybe a link to get me started :crossed_fingers:

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Glide supply documentation. Take a lot in there

Perfect @Krivo thank you, will do and are popular sources.

Here is a source for some icons to experiment with.

Unable get the images show up horizontally irrespective image size, has anyone succeeded?

Didn’t try yet but I guess you’ll need really small icons…

@Ralf @yinon_raviv and all the rest :slight_smile:
You can try this. Has small images. If you use the images for free remember to give credits to the owner

|[![](](| [![](](tel:123-555-5555/) |[![](](|