Basic Table Component

Our new Basic Table component displays a nice table of values from your Google Sheet. Try it and share your feedback!


love it!

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Team Glide, I follow a lot of startups and I know no startups that is such a continous stream of product development!


I already said this on Twitter, but…


Why did we not think of this earlier!


Looks so slick…Can’t wait to try it! “Basic” table, eh…might this be a precursor to Advanced Tables?

Answer to my feature request?
Image/Rich Text side-by-side component


Love this! I just saw it show up for a tab I was editing and immediately put it to use.



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This is fantastic! Putting to use immediately.


Just me, or does anyone else find it odd that the labels are the brighter color font and data is darker color, when pretty much every other informational app component it’s the opposite? :thinking:

Nice! I hope we can also add ‘Columns’ soon


This is awesome


Very nice!

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@John_Cabrera thanks for your feedback! I wanted you to show you 3 of the many visual explorations we did for the basic table component. Basically here’s the final one (alt 1) and then 2 alternatives with inverted colors and also different font weights:

I think none of the three explorations shown above are technically incorrect. Both colors and font-weights variations achieve the same result of presenting two different sets of informations (columns). But at the end we thought the implementation we picked, was the one that reads the best from a LTR (left-to-right) hierarchy point of view, and it was also more “standard” and aligned with the samples and use cases we found in one of the platforms (iOS).

But again, none of them is “wrong”, and I think you’ll find some use cases where the inverted variation would fit better your design needs. That’s why we’re appreciate your comment and we’re always listening to this kind of feedback. In the future we would love to be able to leave these decisions up to the users, so we can cover different and many situations where we know for sure that customization would be super useful :wink:

PS: Also, we’re treating this right label on this basic table component as a “secondary” label that you may or may not going to see really soon implemented in the “Compact list” layout :wink:


@Antonio Your enigmatic allusions and spoilers have me on pins and needles!


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Yeah, you’re correct in that left to right reading has better balancing with the left text stronger than the right. Personally, I like the third version where both sides are solidly readable. But your iOS use cases do make a lot of sense.

I think for me, why it mainly stands out is I have a dark theme app, so that darker text really feels quite faint… that works fine for labels but for info, I fear my readers will have a hard time seeing it.

But I have only really been working on one app here. So I’m seeing this (selfishly) through that one lens. For light theme I think it looks very nice, and considerably more familiar to my eye… probably because my iPhone settings are never in dark mode.

So maybe I just need to get used to it.

Great timing, be really useful for an app I’m working on to display daily business opening hours. Thanks :+1:

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The world of music won’t tour for a while, but once they can go out again, the On Tour app will be better than ever!

Screenshot 2020-03-25 09.57.00


A M A Z I N G greattt workk!!!

Love it! So so so cool and great from an UI point of view! :+1:t2::heart: