Google Drive Syntax

Since a few days ago all my images are no longer shown in the Title and Image components. I have already cleared the browser cookies. Has the google drive sharing syntax changed?


I think you are using the wrong syntax. You need to share the file and get the sharing url. It should have file/d in the url.

No. It is related to the privacy of the application. I changed to public and it worked …

Ok, but it’s not a shareable link, so it won’t show an image for anybody that’s not logged into your personal Google account. I can’t access the link you provided.

What I don’t understand is how it worked before for people who didn’t share my google account. I changed the setting to public on the app and it worked again …

No idea. I’ve never used the direct url for an image in my drive. Only the share url. Maybe it was cached initially on the glide servers, but eventually that cache expired and glide couldn’t access the image at the current url.