Using Glide to setup a dropshipping store

Has any of you fellow Gliders developed a dropshipping type of store using Glide Apps?

The problem I face is that if I want to create a dropshipping store for a client, this tends to work either with Oberlo or Spocket. And they both require a Shopify account to work.

I would love to see Glide being dropshipping friendly.

Wow. Never heard of Oberlo until now. This is a great idea. You’re right…they seem to only connect to Shopify. I imagine we’d need a service that connects to Stripe?

I think it’s more than connecting to a payment gateway. I believe one of the reason why Oberlo has always been working with Shopify (even before being acquired) is for inventory sync purposes.

I’m thinking of a workaround, where I setup a Shopify account just to use Oberlo, but then setup a Glide store.

Problem though, this would increase admin time.

Wonder if there’s a Shopify to Google Sheets sync. There appears to be both a Zapier Zap and Intregromat Operation to link Shopify to Sheets. Could be a really neat solution.

Just a personal opinion, but I hope Glide never becomes a platform for dropshipping. It attracts the worst type of predatory ecommerce & scam merchants. The internet could really do with a lot less of it.

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@maschera: have you thought about using WP instead? There is an Oberlo equivalent, a plugin called something like Alidropship. They also have a Woo Commerce version.

There are quite a few Zapier integrations for WP and Woo Commerce.

With Shopify your hands will be tied somewhat compared to WP.