Glide + Woocommerce for payments

Unfortunately it is not possible to use Strype in Russia and we need to find another solution.
I have set up a wordpress + woocommerce with a working online payment system (YooKassa - exYandexKassa) connected to the Federal Tax System.

So to receive payments, I see one of the easiest ways to connect Glide with Wordpress(Woocommerce)

Is it possible to set up a Glide-Integromat(Zappier)-Woocommerce connection with feedback from Woocommerce about successful payments into Glide(Googlesgeet)?
Are there any “guides” or “how-to’s”?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

In Integromat, I see a “new order” trigger.

Therefore I think you can set that as the initial node in Integromat, then for every order you write the info back to your Google Sheets. That will be synced with Glide.

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