Third party

Anyone hear me,
I want to know what Glide can make integration with all third party…

  1. What kind of integration are you looking for?
  2. What specific 3rd party are you looking to integrate?
  3. What is your use case?

Glide integrates with Zapier, and from Zapier you have thousands of third parties integrations

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I want to create marketplace that is combine service fuel on-demand delivery and special goods market. I hope can make ntegration with some local payment gate channel also like OVO, GOPAY, FLIP, some retail supermaket payment online, top up fund from consumers, and some local bank transfer, and also vehicle delivery move tracking and goods tracking. status update position online.,live chat like intercomm, etc.

None of that is possible at this time.

if only the local payment gateway for first step, is it possible ?

I understand that Paypal is in the pipeline, but none of the ones you mentioned are. You can put it in as a feature request and if others vote it up it is more likely to be looked at.

I have contacted Stripe and Paypal marketing division, and. as I know that paypal and stripe have not been operated again in Indonesia.

If I pay an IT expert in these my office, I might be able to integrate it with he local payment gateway ??

It would not be a direct integration build seamlessly within Glide, as Glide has no way to do that. It would have to be done via some kind of link that launches an independent webpage (look into that would process from there. You would have to build the URL get parameters dynamically based on columns in Glide and the url endpoint would handle them.

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Ok, thank George . :slight_smile: