Shopify Catalog and Checkout Integration

Am I the only one that would see quite a use case for a full-fledge Shopify integration?

Managing e-commerce through Glide is great for small stores. However, larger stores are pretty happy with Shopify and their e-Commerce tailor-made functionality (as well as with their ecosystem).

Rather than redirecting users with an In-App Web View, I would find it useful if Glide could natively integrate with Shopify. This way, users will be able to complete a purchase in-app, but this would be transacted and recorded by Shopify rather than Glide - if Shopify APIs allow, of course. It might be technically undoable, and I’m not aware of it

Users won’t leave the Glide ecosystem. Merchants will keep benefiting from Shopify functionalities. Seems like a win-win on paper.

Before opening a feature request ticket, would love to know what do you guys think?

P.s. I know that this might go against Glide’s business model. However “co-opetition” is a well-known growth model for startups that wants to get there leveraging on existing leaders at first (think Amazon and Barns and Noble).