Integrate shopify with Glide

Hi community!

Is there any way to integrate shopify with glide?

I’ve checked both Make and Zapier, but they only allow glide to export data…
Can anyone help me out?

What exactly do you want to integrate from Shopify? Do you mean integrations like:

  • Adding new Shopify product to Glide
  • Adding new orders from Shopify to Glide
  • Sync inventory info to Glide

Thanks for your reply!

I’m looking to add a new row in Glide, when I get a shopify order.

I have Glide-table-API, but neither Zapier or MAKE works… :frowning:

IMHO, if you are using Shopify like me and want heavy integration with Glide, it is better to use Airtable as has a very robust Airtable integration. If you want to use Glide Tables, then you need to use the HTTP module and automate using the Glide Tables API. If you switch to Airtable, then integration is very easy with Make.

Can you specify on what doesn’t work?

It sounds like you need control over the Database via automations and using Make. Well Make, has amazing integrations with Airtable, but there is not yet an integration with Glide Tables and Make. So your initial question is to integrate Shopify and Glide, but the core of any app is the database. So Make allows you to manipulate the data, sync, etc in Airtable. There is also a Glide integration in for Make, but it only monitors when something is changed.

So the the whole point is that if you use Airtable as your database, then you have more flexibility with Make by way of Airtable.

I actually use Airtable and Shopify and I’m very integrated using Make.

If you just have to use Glide Tables, then you would have to build a custom API using the HTTP module in Make.

I don’t have experience with Airtable, the thing that puts me off from trying that is the amount of syncing time problems that have been reported in this forum. If that isn’t a problem for this type of app then I would agree using Airtable makes sense.

Understood…well the only way to integrate Shopify with Glide is to use Make or Zapier and the database is the backbone to any project or app, so your choices are:

  1. Deal with the Airtable latency or
  2. Use Glide Tables and use the Http module and use the Glide Tables API
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