Zapier or Make?

Just started to look into some automation options and have a couple of questions…

  1. In general is zapier or make better with Glide?
  2. Using glide tables limits options in regards to integrations / automations - so is it better to use an external data source like airtable that has more robust options?
  3. I guess using airtable etc would also mean no need for glide api?


Personally I prefer Make for its robustness with branching logic.

I have no experience with Airtable, generally I just use Make + Sheets if there’s something not possible to be done with Glide Tables.

Not sure what use case you’re talking about for this. Can you elaborate?

Thanks… regarding this…

to be able to automate with glide… you need glide api… but if using another data source other than glide tables… then would be no need for glide api as it would be updating through the automations directly with the external source.

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Good reason, but I have seen many problems reported regarding Airtable in the community so haven’t gave it a try.