Shopify Single Signon Passing Variables

I’m coming from the Shopify world of custom apps. Glide is so good that I could potentially eliminate all of my Shopify apps by building my own apps and integrating into Shopify. I’m using Airtable and Integromat, but I still haven’t figure out how to pass variables to glide via JavaScript., without having the user login yet again to Glide.

The goal is that when a user connects to a glide page, that the login email is passed to Glide based on the user being logged into Shopify. Then I use Glide to filter the information to show, but is there now creative way to pass variable or login information to glide?

Do you mean when the user logs in to your Shopify, that user should have a profile created on your Glide App? What variables do you want to pass?

Actually I already know how to do that through Integromat. I want Glide to receive the email address of whoever is logged in from Shopify. I want a filtered portal in Glide that displays the users past orders in a Kanban view, but I don’t want the user to have to login to Shopify then login to Glide. I want to pass the users email from Shopify to Glide so the user doesn’t have to login to see their info. Shopify has an environment variable named {{}} and I want to pass that info to Glide

If you can trigger it every time a user logs in to Shopify, then you would be able to add a row to your Glide database, I assume. Add a step to check if the email has already existed, and only add a row if it has not been added.

Yes, I have a Shopify Webhook that sends to Integromat every time a user logs in. I can easily update the Glide or Airtable database and add a row, but how will Glide know exactly who is logged in during the session, given that multiple users can be logged in at a given time.

The idea is that the use clicks a link where the Glide app resides and someway I want to pass the variable {{}} to the app so that the app knows which user is logged in already.

Can you explain more on what you mean by a “session” here?

A session is the length of time when a user is logged in and either logs out or is no longer active.

Just following-up with this question.

There is no way to automatically sign a user into a Glide app. The best you can do is send a magic link to the user directly from the builder, but there is no automated way to do that with your scenario.

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Can I automate the creation of a magic link via API. If so, then I could dynamically create a link for the user with the magic link, because the email address will be known from the Shopify environment variables {{}}, so I can give the logged in user the correct magic link.


@Jeff_Hager Thanks Jeff! Been researching this for months and seems there is no way even with the new Actions. So sad, because I could eliminate 5-6 Shopify apps by using Glide and would really supercharge my Shopify store!

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