Pre-signup new users

Hello Gliders,

I’m on a project where I need to integrate with another service.

The scenario is like this:

  1. The user does a few actions on platform 1 (not on Glide)
  2. Platform 1 redirects via a link the user to platform 2 (on Glide)
  3. The user continues its journey on platform 2

I’d like to make it as smooth as possible by removing the sign-up/log-in step on platform 2.

My thoughts:

  1. Create the user on Glide before they are sent to Glide, and include parameters of login in the URL (but I don’t think that’s possible)
  2. Use a SSO tool on both platforms so users only have to click once on the Glide login page, but it requires some work on the platform 1 team which is not ideal.

Any idea of something easier? Feel free to ask for more details if it’s not clear enough.

Thanks a lot!

I think a way for you to do it is indeed adding parameters to the Glide link. Something like:

Then, in the table that you’re building the screen for the user to land on, use the “current screen URL” value to parse the email out, add a button that the user must click, and write the email to somewhere that is static and you can reference in that “session”.

That should happen in a public app where the user doesn’t need to login (else it defeats the purpose).

You should construct the flow so that when they chooses to login, their data would still be tied to the email that you were using to reference before they login.

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Hey ThinhDinh,

thanks for the reply. The issue is that my app is already built with a forced signup and cannot work without if people decide not to sign up. And most users won’t be in the situation coming from the other website.

But using query parameters could be an option but I’ve read somewhere that Glide does not support them and therefore we cannot store data in them.

By the way, are you aware of updates on the sign-up process to remove the pin code and use passwords, or at least be able to translate that page? I read somewhere that this was planned for Q1 2023 but did not happen. This would help smooth the transition between the two website if we don’t have a better option

You can use it now, but the params will go away if the user navigates to another screen.

It will survive the sign up process though, but I think what you want is for them to be automatically signed-in, which is not possible as far as I aware.

I’m not aware of any discussions recently about removing the pin code and use passwords. If you want the option to translate that page, please check if we already have a request for that in the forum, if not you can submit a feature request.

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Alright! Thanks a lot for the detailed answers. I’ll try the SSO integration that we could use on both platforms.

I made a feature request on the translation but it hasn’t been planned yet.

Have a nice day

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