Sign up new users, store their info to be used again in case of re-logging

As a newcomer to Glide, I’m eager to learn and build my first car rental app. However, I lack programming knowledge and require assistance implementing a user onboarding screen with clear login and signup options.

The desired functionality is:

  • New users arriving at the app should encounter a screen offering “Sign Up” and “Sign In” buttons.
  • Clicking “Sign Up” directs them to a form where they enter their registration details.
  • Upon submission, this information is automatically stored in my database, enabling users to log in using the same email and password from any device.

I haven’t been able to locate specific support for public user signup and login within Glide. Given the app’s public accessibility, creating a seamless onboarding experience for both existing and new users is crucial.
Can anyone help me with this please

You’re not going to get the experience you want. Glide offers a sign In screen with minimal customization and either PIN authentication or Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. There is no Password based authentication offered.

Onboarding would have to be built out by you. Ideally you would onboard a user after the user signs into the app, but I suppose there could be various ways to handle it before the user signs in. There are several posts regarding onboarding if you search the forum.

Overall, signing into Glide apps isn’t the same experience that you may be used to on other websites.