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Im using to email my users, including inviting them to the app. I want to update/add a segment to the user in when the user logs in to my app for the first time. Zapier can do the action portion of this on but I’m unable to figure out the trigger with Glide. Just to be clear I only want this to run the first time the user logs in to the app with Glide. I’m using the glide users table for access.

use google script… that is the best way

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Any examples or pointers? Also I’m not using Google Sheets, how exactly would Google Scripts work?

That is a problem… always use google sheets, even if you think you don’t need it…
Google sheets + Google scripts + CSS + Glide = the most powerful tool out there!

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Is it possible to maybe sync the users table from Glide to a google sheet?

I don’t think so… only the other way… if you are not far with your App, I would recommend redoing it, using google sheets as a base

If you’re not currently using a connected Google Spreadsheet, you can add one:

But, just getting back to your original question:

You don’t need any Google Scripts for this.
All you really need to do is create a simple onboarding flow for new users, and then have them tap a button at the end of the flow. Then attach an action to that button to trigger your webhook to Zapier.

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it is better with scripts, no offense, but there is no better way… you can customize every detail… is much faster… and free

I don’t disagree that Google Apps Script is very powerful, and can be used to good effect to extend the capabilities of Glide Apps.

But it’s not for everybody, and not every Glide user wants (or needs) to learn how to write code.

I am 100% sure, that is much faster to learn script how to send an email than learn how to use Zapier for that LOL…


add onChange trigger make IF() for Users sheet… that’s all!

Perfect, this was all I needed. Created a single page onboarding flow that is shown to new users and and on click the save profile button, besides saving values to the column, it sends a webhook to with the values that I can then set as attributes in

Did not even need zapier for this.


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