Purchase email

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Is there a way to send an email to the user after a purchase is done? Thanks!

Zapier or Integromat will be your friend here :slight_smile:

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As @AymenM said, use something like Zapier or Integromat and trigger on new rows in the App: Sales sheet.

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Hi! How can you do this if you are only using Glide tables? I think I might be stuck.

Nope, you’ll not be able to do anything from your Glide tables as of now…

That’s a shame. How are my users supposed to receive their purchases then? All of the products in my app are digital goods.

You need to consider having your data appearing on your google sheets

Ok thank you, can I still add Google Sheets after the app has already been created?

Sure ! You can always do so.

Our recommandation is that when you are at the very beginning of creating your app, if you think/consider that in a way or another you’ll have to use/transfer/update/delete/create… (you name it) your data with the help of automatic triggers… with the help of third-party sources you should always consider using Google Sheets.

(Obviously this stands for current abilities with Glide tables, while we are waiting for improvements (export…))

As you are using Glide Table you can use webhooks with Integromat for example.

I use this alternative and it works very well for my use case

See this link > > > Gmail, Webhooks Integrations | Integromat

In the image below I show an example of how I set this up in my app

Thank you, this is helpful. Is there any way to configure this example so that the webhook is triggered after a user completes a purchase in a detail view?

You can configure the webhook in an action… see this link >>> Webhook - Glide Library

Would I need to recreate my app from scratch in order to do this? Thank you!

No, try to see if webhooks are helping you with custom actions. If no you should consider other alternatives such as recreate your sheet on Google Sheets.

To sum it up, as you may have found out, creating an app from scratch with Glide Tables will result in no space to write sales like when you have a Sheet as the base (in the App: Sales sheet).

If you have already done a Glide Tables only app, there’s no way back. This is one of the reasons I think we should always create apps with Sheet as the base until Glide moves some of their automatically-created sheets into Glide Tables. Another case is when you need to trigger things based on Sheet rows (via Zapier or Integromat).

Regarding the webhook, I don’t think the native Glide’s buy button can trigger anything. Best guess is to see if you can trigger on a new Stripe purchase in your Stripe account linked to Glide, otherwise I would advise using something like PayHere (still need Sheets to write orders back).