Does Stripe & Shopping cart work with Glide Pages?

Does Stripe & Shopping cart work with Glide Pages? I’m creating a Glide Pages version of my GlideApp. Is there no shopping cart feature on pages? If we can’t wrap in any code, and there is no shopping cart feature, and no stripe integration, then it doesn’t seem possible to set up a shopping cart within Pages without sending a user to another website to pay for content.

Yep, I believe there’s no buy button for Glide Pages as of now. You would have to use an external payment service to do this.

Ugh. When I first came to glide I made the assumption that glide Pages would be like GlideApps (same functions at least or something). DIdn’t realize that Glide pages did not have the ability to do some of the most basic web page things including:
1.) Having menu links that point to URL’s rather than items in its own menu
2.) Inability to wrap/embed/iframe
3.) Inability to do any ecommerce without leaving the site.
4.) In ability to including scripts like Drift chatbot (i.e. customer service)

I’m a big fan of Glide, but I really hope that #2 is added soon. That alone will change the power of GlidePages significantly.

I really hope they bring the webview component over there soon, and more functionalities that can be served in both apps and pages, but at the moment there’s still a lot missing.

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Oh! You are working on the project. Ok. Well Gatoraid for you, backrubs, plenty of coffee if I could bring it. Cheerleading from me. Rah rah… Looking forward to seeing it happen. High five.

Ah no, I’m just another user like you, I mean I hope for the same upgrades like you in Pages :sweat_smile:

Aww man… Gimme that coffee and Gatoraid back.


I think I’ll follow you guys some to see what transpires. I’m a complete greenhorn with aspirations to turn our app into an e-commerce app. Right now it’s basic but come the fall I’ll be wanting to build further.