Still no payments with Glide Pages?

Is it still true that Glide Pages do not allow payments to be taken (with Stripe) but Glide Apps do? I don’t get it… they are both PWA’s so what’s the difference? In terms of plumbing/architecture they are the same.
I am now forced to use a Glide App which doesn’t have a good dashboard template like Glide Pages does and also doesn’t have a Kanban view which is fundamental to my use case… Seriously man, I feel like pulling hair out 90% of the time I am dealing with no/low code platforms… they always seem to find a way to shoot themselves in the foot with silly restrictions. Now I’m potentially forced to abandon Glide as they seem to have fallen way short here.

I believe they do not want to deal with the responsibility of being a middleman in payment transactions, which I think is a smart move… You can create your own payment integration, which will probably work much better than the Glide native solution since you will control the whole process.

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…but it’s still very inconvenient. It still doesn’t make sense… so they don’t mind being the middle man in Glide Apps, but they do in Glide Pages?

I assume that I do not know the real reason… I base that on my own experience dealing with refunds and scammers… I stop Giving my platform to users. I only do payment integration for my customers on their own accounts.
I believe they started it in Apps and just let it go… now it is just a legacy like many other functions they abandoned.

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@uzo is probably right. Glide is sunsetting Glide Apps in probably a years time. However, Glide is actively developing “integrations” that will allow you to send invoices via Stripe or PayPal for example.


Really… you think Glide will retire Glide Apps and just run with Pages?

I thought a PWA was a PWA… service worker architecture, manifest etc… maybe I’m wrong about that.

What PWA has to do with payments? They give you Java and Fetch JSON columns. You can create your own… without them having the headache of being a middleman… they did embed payment checkout in the App… which brings lots of problems, trust me.

I had a view of customers who wanted to do another Uber or Doordash… After a quick talk with me… they stop even thinking about it :wink:
You do not want to deal with other people’s money or products.

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…but all I want to do is create a membership site that takes simple subscription payments that allows access to curated functionality. The app simply needs to facilitate those payments and once paid up then allow access to the good stuff, but alas, it seems that Glide is abandoning this fundamental use case. Softr do this out of the box, so it seems to me they recognize the importance of this popular use case whereas Glide are missing a trick. The problem with Softr is that they charge stupid amounts of money per month just to even use basic things like charts… like I said before… no/low code seem to find ways shoot themselves in the foot.

It is not that hard to create your own buy button in glide…

this is my version for Glide Pages:

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It’s not a thought. We just don’t know when it will happen, but it will most certainly happen.


Yes. they’ve already announced this back in January. It will come sometime in 2024.


I hope never… Apps are the best product out there… Pages will never get close :wink:

Thanks but it’s not a buy button I need, but rather a subscription payment and then I would need keep track of when the user stops subscription…

So in other words I have no hope of implementing a paid membership subscription site in Glide (which must be one of the fastest growing use cases on the entire internet.) Is this not a massive oversight by Glide?

The buy button can process a payment for an item, cart, or subscription… is all depend on how you write the code for the button.

LOL… nice package… but they still depend on Make Integration ($ fees may apply plus extra 2 seconds for processing) also extra fees from PayHere? @Robert_Petitto

Ya. It’s a nice nocode solution. I’m sure with scripts you could get away without using Make perhaps, but that wouldn’t be as accessible to novice users. IMO Payhere’s 2% fee is worth the experience of embedding the payment link within the app.

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Do you offer inventory adjustment after payment success? For single and multiple items?
2% extra fees that will cost you a lot over the years… especially if you have big sales.