Using Gide For A SAAS App & Releasing Updates To Users pt. 2

Continuing the discussion from Using Gide For A SAAS App & Releasing Updates To Users pt. 1:

I marked this as the solution in the previous discussion but it seems Jeff overstated Glide’s ability to push updates to apps that have been added to user’s home screens. If I add a new tab to my app for example - which can contain lots of new functionality - users will need to reinstall the app in order to access it so there’s still some significant limitations here. Now I’m wondering if there are any others which neither of us are currently aware of?

That should not be the case. If you added a new tab as well as any new functionality to your app, then those changes should have migrated to all users within minutes of the update being published. If you are having to reinstall the app, then something else is wrong.

Would it be possible to provide a video of a change being made in the builder, and a video of the installed app on a device not showing the update. Like I said, any updates should happen within a few minutes, but usually I will force close and reopen the app to get the update quicker. I’ve never had to uninstall an app completely to received any design of feature updates. Those have always been automatic. The only time I have uninstalled an app and reinstalled it, is if I wanted to get an updated app icon or app name. Everything else (including design and feature updates) should be pushing out to the users as changes are made or when you have publish control turned on and you have pressed the publish button.


My bad - it took a while for the newly added tab to show up, I’ve asked the mods to delete this topic. Thanks for your help Jeff.

Not necessary to delete the topic. Jeffs response still contains useful information.
We can just mark that as a solution and move on :slight_smile: