How long for changes made to update on apps?

I’ve added two buttons to an app I’m working on, and for some reason it works fine in glide, but not on the app on my phone.

I’ve signed back in, clicked ‘share’ again - still not change on the phone app.

Does it need to be reinstalled for changes to take effect?

Can you check in a private browser or another device or laptop if they show up? Changes including new tabs, do appear right away when you push and should not require the app to be reinstalled. Also just making sure you didn’t set some faulty conditional visibility for those tabs?


On a phone, usually design changes will show up eventually, but a force close and reopen will get them to show sooner. Data changes are much faster.


How do I push please?

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This would be reliant on the end user to force close then?

Yes, and just to be sure, I always click the share button and wait a few minutes- sometimes I have to open and close the app 2x to see all changes. I am not certain - but clicking “share” seems to get everything current out into “production”.

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First time, you click publish, after that changes are automatically “pushed” but to be sure everything is faster, click on the Share button in the top right of your designer.

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I guess I’ve never clicked on the share button to republish any changes, but I may have to try to see if it makes a difference. Everything should be published automatically and almost immediately, but I have had some small changes take awhile, even with force closing and reopening the app on my phone. You can’t rely on a user to force close and reopen, but like I said, the changes do migrate eventually. I think if there is enough changes to the app that cause some internal conflict, then the app will restart and auto sign in again.

I look at it this way. It can be weeks, months, or years for someone to update an app store app, whereas it may only be hours or days for a PWA to update on all user devices. You are alway at the mercy of the user to some level.

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Just based on my testing, it seems to push everything out right away. :grin:

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