Using Gide For A SAAS App & Releasing Updates To Users pt. 1

I’d like to use Glide to create a B2B SAAS app, which multiple employees from each business that subscribes can use to manage their workflows.

Obviously there’s lots of considerations when it comes to using Glide for this but one of the most obvious potential sticking points is that AFAIK, I can’t push updates to users who have added the app to their iOS home screen. They’d have to go back to the URL for the app and add it to their home screen again, in order to receive the update. Is that still the case?

Updates are always pushed out to user devices. The only thing that isn’t, is the app icon and the app name. That would be the only case where a user would have to delete the app, clear cache, and reinstall. Everything else will push out. There is no need for a user to visit the url and reinstall again if they already have it installed. It has always worked like this.


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