My first local eats app

My app is in the app stores!!


@Luke_Dyer Congrats!! May I ask how the updates work? For example if you add a tab or change functionality. How is that change reflected in the live app in the app store? Glide has been kind of quite on how the process works.

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Do you mean you have published your Glide app, or you have actually been accepted to the App Store?

How did you transfer it into an IOS app and publish it on appstore?

The app is supposed to update itself. Although this in one apk file or another, it will never stop being a PWA.

This will help …

Not 100% on this.I have made new tabs and the app updates in real-time. I’m just treading lightly so it doesn’t throw any red flags with apple.

Glide did that part for me.

Published in the App Store.the link was in my post.


thank you. unfortunately, they closed the form request.

I’m sorry. I just wanted to help.

Hmm, I think that link is not.

The app updates automatically when you edit the sheet. Whatever happens in your app, updates on your app and vice versa/

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this is accurate, but just b/c the app updates does not mean that Apple will allow unlimited changes. My concern is that if my app changes too much from what it was when I published it, that Apple will remove from the App Store until I resubmit it.


If your app is a PWA, then you don’t need to worry about apple because they are not hosting your app, glide is and glide can allow for up to 1000 sheet edits per month.

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