Red notification icon 🔴

I was asked - “how can I get my app icon to show that there are updates waiting to be viewed” :man_shrugging:

Like this

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Not possible as of now, I believe, but would be dope if we can do something like that.

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oh man, I hate those. I disable them for every single App that I can.


Yeah I know what you mean…

It was awkward being asked the question and not understanding the answer.

“Why doesn’t my glide app on my home screen show me that there are updates”

“The other apps on Home Screen do”

“Can you left me know and when you can do that”

Me = good question :man_shrugging:


Because the Glide App respects your privacy, and doesn’t try to impose its will on you, like all those other rude and inconsiderate Apps :wink:


Like it…made me chuckle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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