Using ChatGPT with Glide: telegram -> Glide -> telegram integration via make

I’m building an app / website for a sports (paragliding) club, part of which is building a knowledge base of interesting articles and links, which I’ve done - so far so good.

I’ve connected this knowledge list to ChatGPT which gives me a rather splendid way to search the database; screenshots below if anyone is looking to do this too. I’ve utilised the ‘answer questions about a table’ feature which gives me the sort of response I’m looking for i.e. one fairly tightly confined to answering questions about the table.

The club uses Telegram extensively for communication and discussion and I’d like to be able to connect this to my knowledge base; probably through make although I’m open to suggestions.

Currently I’ve been able to connect make to Telegram,

I can send messages from inside Glide to Telegram:

and I can capture Telegram messages in a Glide table

What I’d like to be able to do is replicate the ‘answer questions about a table’ functionality to do the following:

  1. Collect a telegram message
  2. Feed this question to ChatGPT along with my glide table
  3. Send the ChatGPT response back to Telegram

It’s the table information I’m not able to collect.

Any ideas?

ChatGPT setup below for anyone looking to do this part.


Chatbot table:

Response table:


The reply button triggers the action above, clearing the previous answer from the chatbox and saving the response.


Set column values

OpenAI setup

Before doing this you need to set up the integration with your OpenAI API. You don’t need a premium account but do need tokens - for testing a few £ did it for me

The context from the chatbot table is very important; this contains a set of fixed information about how I want the response to be generated; things like present it in markdown, always give a link to the relevent table item

Add row / set values

Set column values

And opens the detail (answer) page

Hope that helps someone. As I said above I’m trying to replicated this functionality with the question submitted from telegram and returned to telegram, probably using if anyone can help with that

With “answer questions about a table”, what Glide does under the hood, as far as I can recall, is first converting your table into vectors, then your question to a vector, and pulls out the most related vector from the table to try to answer your question.

Now I don’t have actual experience with building something like this, I did try using OpenAI’s embeddings last year but it was more of a personal project, and using Python, not via their API.

This Vector Store thing, going alongside their Assistants API, looks like what you need to build an application for that.

However, Glide is handling the “ever-growing database” part for you in the app, in the Assistants API you’re uploading files for them to convert to vectors, so how you handle adding new records to the vector store, I imagine that would be a headache.