I am loooking to have a conversation with GPT 3.5 in my glide app

I am trying to add a conversation module inside my glide app using GPT 3.5 with the function " send message to bot"
I9 am trying to follow the instruction : Answer a question

OpenAI’s Answer a Question function can be used to create a question-and-answer or chatbot feature within your project.

Input and output of Answer a Question

  • Input (required text): A question
  • Output: An answer to the question

Answers are generated by OpenAI’s GPT language models to the best of the model’s capabilities. The veracity of answers is not guaranteed.


  • Step 1: Create a basic text column which will house the question to be answered.
  • Step 2: Create a new computed column and select the Answer a Question column, which you will find in the Integrations group or by using the Search function.
  • Step 3: Set the Question field to point to the basic text column whose question will be answered.

Sadly I dont get everything.

first question : is it possible to do what I want to do ?
Second question: Do I uderstand correctly this function?
Third,: If The 2 answer are yes, can somebody give me any assitance ? :slight_smile:

You say “send message to bot” is the action you’re trying to use at the start, but you then say you try the action “answer a question”. Which one do you actually want to use?

yeah sorry my bad, I am trying to use the action " send message to bot".
I have already read the instructions provided by glide, but there is not enough informations.

Somebody know how to proceed?

I know I am missing something with string or realtion columns or I dont know…

At this time it is acutally working.

Sadly the chatbot dont understand that this is a discussion and he cannot answer in relation with aprevious message.
I imagine that i have to do something that the prompt will be with the new question ans with the previous prompt and answer.
Somebody can help ? :slight_smile:

@Jeremy Can you confirm if “Send message to bot” does consider history of the chat using the session ID? I read the docs here but can’t find a specific section for that. Thank you!

Yes the session ID in the configure action will filter the rows in the sheet history with the same session ID row value.

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Could you provide more informations please? I have some issue doing that

If I understand Jeremy right, it should work automatically without you having to configure anything further. Can you explain what’s not working?

Facing the same issue (see error message) - it’s not clear to me if the history should be the same sheet… I would assume it doesn’t matter since you can select one… I also tried changing the Session ID to the User ID bit it wouldn’t work… successfully implemented OpenAI into other flows but this one seems tricky :smiley: Can you please help @Jeremy ? Screen shots below. Thank you!!

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-01 um 01.31.49

Without the history the bot is not a bot since it will take each question as a new one and won’t consider the previous reply for context

Used the bot history sheet as the same one as the one where the message goes in and out but received this message:

Can you show us a screenshot of your “Bot History” table?

That’s the one (google sheet & as shown in glide).

I also tried it without RowID but didn’t change anything…

Please set the timestamp column in Glide to “date/time” type and try again.

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In addition to what Thinh said, there is something wrong with your RowID column. If it’s been added correctly it should always appear as the first column in the Glide Table. I’d suggest deleting that and add it again.

Ah - that worked! So simple but powerful :smiley: Tanks a lot! I’m still not fully convinced that it keeps the full history but good enough for our use case.

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It has a tokens limit, so yes, it will be cut off at some point if you have a long chat (i.e information from the start of the convo won’t be available when you have gone too long into a chat). You should have a reset button in your flow to allow people to start fresh convos.

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