Using array columns as part of IF Then Else

Hopefully a simple one - I have an array - The Client Choice PIN in this example, and I’m trying to use this array in a IF Then Else column but it only provides is empty or is not empty options whereas I’m after a contains option. Is there a way of getting around this?
What I am trying to accomplish is to compare a user entered PIN with the array to provide a true/false column that I can then use to filter on. E.g. If Client Choice PIN contains Entered user PIN then true.

I’ve wanted this for a couple of use cases as well. Doesn’t exist at the moment.

Thanks Robert. I have tried doing it by creating a template column which ‘converts’ the array into a text string and this works but doesn’t allow for dynamic updates for adding options as you would need to go into the Template column and update it.

Makes sense. Nice workaround for now, though!

You taught me the Template trick :wink:

Nice job, me! :upside_down_face:


I’m not sure where your user entered pin comes from, but what if you create a relation that would link the user entered pin to the pin column in whatever sheet contains the pins. Then create an if/then column or simply use the condition if the relation is empty or not to control what you need?

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Thanks Jeff but I’m not sure that’ll work in this case - I’ll give it a go

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